Wednesday, December 31, 2014

UTN1 Band Just Released A Modern-Day Iraqi Classic Hit Song

Out friends at the Iraqi rock/pop band just released a new music video for their new Iraqi hit. Guitar is the flavor you will remember the most. These guys managed to make what I would call modern-day Iraqi classic. A song that feels old, a song that feels like a remake from the 30s, but it's not. It's a completely new song, they putt he music and one of their buddies crafted the lyrics.

The band has moved to the States and Sweden, but they still get together for concerts and new songs. Filmed in DC and Virginia, this song will linger around in our memory as we remember Iraqi songs like this survive the noise. I can see this song being chosen for Star Academy or Arab Idol. This song feels familiar to one's heart.

I did hear this song early on this year and I recall, how excited I was. When the song was officially released, the fans loved it and a number of radio stations in the States and the Middle East just ran with it. This is a nice comeback song from a band that wants to stand from the pack and sing music about the motherland and the loves ones over there.

I am reminded by the music of the likes of Ilham Madfai and such artists who do music fusion without losing that distinct Iraqi vibe loved by the Arab folks and appreciated by Westerners. UTN1 does it here and one cannot help but ask for more.

UTN1 - Music Video Mur Biyya 2015 / يو تى ان وان -فيديو كليب مر بيه


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