Sunday, December 14, 2014

Issam El Moudni Left Arab Idol, But Not Our Collective Memories (Video)

From the West side of Arabia he came to Arab Idol with hopes and dreams, Ezzam Muzny did make an impression on the show. The Moroccan young singer did have so many friends and fans, his renditions of beloved songs were captivating, but at the end he did not have enough votes to stick around.

But his songs will be out there, no matter what he choses to do next, Essam has this videos to look back at. From the city of Tanja he came to reach for the stars. The video gamer and aspiring artist came to be likened by the UAE native Hussien Al Jasmi.

Essam doesn't like red, and prefers black. He seems like your average big boned young soul, a sense of humor, a baby face, and a never give up mantra. See him do his bit and enjoy his minutes of fame.

عصام الموذني - يا عسل - الحلقات المباشرة - Arab Idol


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