Monday, December 1, 2014

"Lovebirds" By Lara Scandar For Her Virtual Concert

She sings in American, why not and she is from California? This is a new song coming up by Egyptian pop songstress Lara Scandar who is about to headline in the first virtual concert in the Arab world. She is pushing this concert via a number of channels, thanks to her sponsor.

No idea how this concert would work, but I am not sure it will be entertaining to see it work. You do have to reserve tickets--unclear if you have to pay for them. But if this thing works, I can see more Arab artists jumping on this bandwagon. As security risks do not allow for massive venues, the digital one would be a nice way to have a huge concert without having to hire thousands of security officers.

The RSVP and online tickets are free, you can get your pass here 

"Lovebirds" Rehearsal


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