Monday, December 15, 2014

Her Best Song! Najwa Karam - 3al Sakhra / نجوى كرم - عالصخرة

Najwa Karam returned with a Christmas gift to all her fans, a new single about love founded on a bedrock and love founded on sand. She is as passionate as hell, and as loud as they come. She rocks out in this track with so much firepower. She sounds like her best 90s songs.

Najwa Karam has broke records again, as this single has so many viewership, it's a stunning outcome to a great song. Najwa will be back on the judge chair on Arabs Got Talent in few days, so we await her return to the small screen. 3al Sakhra is about love, when you give and the other person does not give as much. The track allows for Najwa to show off her best attributes and she takes advantage of the song as a vehicle.

This is a dark song with a dance beat and it really lands well. It shows that Najwa Karam is not just a diva but a songstress made off legendary stuff.

Najwa Karam - 3al Sakhra (Official Lyric Video) / نجوى كرم - عالصخرة


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