Monday, December 1, 2014

Ziad Maher Goes For The British Rocker Look

He might be the only or the first Lebanon based singer to sport an earring. Sleek Ziad Maher has a new single out and this is the follow up for his first pop songs to be filmed earlier this year. Ziad is going for the British rock star and outfit look. He is soft-spoken, and most of the set felt like a posh club with many young women.

I spoke to Mr. Maher before and he seems like a nice guy who is trying to launch a music career. The new music video is about dance, since the western beat makes it so easy. This is not a cheap music video, Fadi Hadad is the director here. The song usually makes it to the local radios and then possibly get aired in Egypt.

Ziad already has finished his album, but he and his team await things to improve in Lebanon to make their splash.

Ziad Maher Interview زياد ماهر في تصوير وحشوني عنيك


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