Saturday, December 20, 2014

Women Can Have It All, Amal Maher As an Example

I like the voice of Amal Maher, in fact she is one of the finest voices in Egyptian pop that's becasue she did not get into it to be popular, she shot to fame years ago with her covers of oldie songs that we know too well. It took her years to sing her own songs, and this is why she has done it right, the Gulf adores her and keep asking her to sing for them in private functions and public. Egypt is crazy about her and her success of three years with the release of her second album were hard to ignore. And yes the mogul of Beruit love to have her on their shows--she just owned on Star Academy few days ago.

Amal Maher is now working on another album project, this would be a touch one as the last album from her was so perfect it makes making another great album an ever harder job. But Amal Maher has the IQ, the connections and the friends who will make sure she make all the right calls. And once again, she has time on her side--she can take all the time in the world. Summer of 2013 she came to sing for Egypt and its people--she did not seem partisan.

She demonstrated that it's possible to make good art and be commercially successful. She did the emotional, dramatic, romantic and upbeat dance songs--all without missing a heartbeat. She performed every song like it's a title song she does not rush and takes as many takes as it needs. And aside form the show businesses, she seems to be a loving mother and happily married.

Mesana Le Sana - photo - Amal Maher م السنه للسنه - صور - امال ماهر

اغنية امال ماهر - مكانك مش هنا | النسخة الاصلية | روعة

امال ماهر وزينب اسامة - البرايم 11 من ستار اكاديمي 9


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