Thursday, December 4, 2014

Download: Za3tar Album ( Psychedelic Trance ) By ElectrowaveZ.

Za3tar Album ( Psychedelic Trance ) By ElectrowaveZ. This is the two Arab brothes living inside historic Palestine and making electric beats. hey are all about Hiphop, trans, house, they often find themselves mixing Arabic melodies with Western beats. They are keen on making their music listerners dance.

You Can Get A Copy Of Za3tar Album By Using One Of The Following Options.

1 - Physical Album - Can Be Paid By Visa Or PayPal.
2 - Digital Download Via stores like iTunes and CD Baby.

iTunes [ ]
CD Baby [ ]

Hurry up - Phsical Album is Limited.

For More Info Contact Directly To Electrowavez Inbox On Facebook.

Www.Fb.Com/electrowavez ( Electrowavez ) ( Charlie Shaaby ) ( Richard Savo )

& Check us Out on SoundCloud.


ElectrowaveZ Official Site :

James Brown - I Feel Good - [ElectrowaveZ Remix]


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