Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dounia Batma, The Homewrecker Has A New Music Video @DouniaBatmaA

Moroccan Arab Idol runner up Dounia Batma does not need people to finance her music videos. She has the full backing of her husband who is a music producer and who seems to be crazy in love with her. The jerk divorced his wife and the mother of his child to be with her.

So, do not be surprised to see her make music videos every few months. She is a looker and has a wonderful voice, I may not like how she likes to overshare and how she has a lot of growing up to do. But she is active in this sloth death of pop music.

I will not be seeing her singing a not so-Gulf music, she does not do well outside the Gulf where she now lives. But she has a great style and I think there is interest in following her. Too many Gulf songs and she may be busy and rich, but the fans won't be there to pay attention for what she has cooking. Also keep your personal life personal, no one needs to hear about your fights with your husbands divorcee.
#دنيا_بطمة - حبك عسل | Dounia Batma


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