Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lebanese Legend Sabah AL Shahroura Laid To Rest (Video)

Sabah was a Lebanese singer who perfected sentimental ballads and melodramatic movies but not the art of marriage. Along the way she gained a reputation for being something of a diva. A glamorous performer, she was frequently compared to Cher and Madonna.

Droves of celebrities, politicians, friends, fans and family cam out to attend her burial service. She was showered with so much love at the time of her death. And that was one hell of a festival. Lots of music, dance, noise, fireworks. See some of those folks speak on camera about what Sabah meant for them. even the army sent their marching band to perform.

Sabah, who has died aged 87, was a Lebanese singer who recorded more than 50 albums, acted in some 80 films, had 3,500 songs in her repertoire and was reported to have been married nine times; her stage name – meaning “Morning” – hinted at her fondness for a new dawn. Along with the singers Fairuz and Wadih El Safi, and the composer Zaki Nassif, she was one of a quartet of Lebanese musical icons. At the videos below, you will see more celebrities than the biggest award ceremony.   

Seriously, no one stayed at home on that day, all those who sing and act came out to her service, even former husbands. They had nothing but love for her. She did live long and she kept the dream alive.
Sabah was considered daring and provocative, and she tested the boundaries of what was acceptable for a woman in the conservative Arab world. Although a Maronite Christian, she gained a popularity that transcended religious boundaries, even during the civil war of 1975–90.

Sabah asked people who came to her service not to wear black, so white was the color of choice. Sabah was a trailblazer, she paved the way for many females in the Arab world. She was bold and she let her thoughts be known. She means so many things to so many different people. She is an icon for all sects and ethnicities, cultures, and political persuasions in the Arabic world  

الشحرورة تحتضن تراب ضيعتها على وقع الزغاريد

سابين | في وداع الاسطورة صباح | Sabine | Farwell Diva Sabah


  1. Actually, she was great at marriage. She liked being married and made sure she did it a lot.

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