Monday, December 1, 2014

Moroccan Ahmed Chawki Mingles With Star Academy @ChawkiOfficial

In case you have not been paying attention, Star Academy is still in full Swing. I know in between Arab Idol, X Factor, the Voice, and Arabs Got Talent, you may be lost for a bit. But Star Academy would love it if you tuned in and followed their stars and news.

The young people who appear on the program are counting on your attention. Like the charismatic Ahmed Chawki who comes form Morocco and with the backing of Red One as a producer, he is already ahead of his peers. But he is not competing on the LBC program, he was a guest.

He seems like a busy young artist whose talent defies languages and cultures, a man of many many tongues. It all started in 2013, Chawki released his debut single "Habibi I Love You" featuring the international pop star, Pitbull, which was produced and co-written by RedOne. With over 27 million views on YouTube,

#1 in Morocco, #5 in the Netherlands and #37 in France on the official iTunes charts, Chawki established himself as an artist to watch in the MENA and throughout Europe.

Due to the single’s success, many great artists showed interest in collaborating with Chawki. Most recently, Magic System collaborated with Chawki & RedOne on their new single "Magic In The Air" which became a big hit in France (#9 iTunes and #1 in Clubs).

أحمد شوقي | كواليس ستار اكاديمي | Ahmed Shawqi| Backstage & Rehearsal Star Academy 10


  1. He was probably the worst singer who came this year... His songs are so cheap in france only hasbeen or child listen to him, he is like magic system , may be worst...