Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Shatha Hassoun's Butt Had The Biggest Year! @ShathaHassoun شذى حسون ... أموت عليك

Iraqi Moroccan hybrid Shatha Hassoun returns with a music video where she is pulling a class act. The black dress whose class, but whoever shot that music video has none. The promo is all about the butt....No I was not staring, it's in focus.

I like Shatha Hassoun's music, not sure if I like her personality and her clashes. She is a hard-working artist who does not quit and travels worlds to make better music. We have to wait for the music video, but the promo shows nothing but mostly the artists backside.

I know recession in the music industry leads to artists trying different things. Here's Shatha Hassoun's moment to shine.

Shatha Hassoun ... Amout Aleik - VC Teaser | شذى حسون ... أموت عليك - برومو الكليب


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