Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Please Amal Maher @Amal_Maher Change Your New Album Cover!

I was so happy to learn Amal Maher is going to reshoot some of the pictures for her upcoming album. The album will release on December 22 with Mazzika. But the album art cover seems to be tacy a bit strange for an artist that has been able to pull being cool without being cheap or losing her class. The early images we saw, left us confused.

The images were about this super woman outfit, very tight clothes in one color and do not really reflect Amal's personality. I think the fans were surprised by those images, so she decided to go for another shoot. Cannot wait to see the new pictures, but most of all the album will be gold form an artist who only takes songs from A listers.

Amal picks winners, and she showed us that in her 2011 album-each track was a goldmine and it was something that we did not anticipate-it was just a wholesome album. Not sure what her team was thinking when she took these pictures, I do not see anything artistic about them.

Welad El Naharda - Amal Maher ولاد النهاردة - امال ماهر


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