Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Arab Idol Runner Up Ziad Khoury On Pursuing His Father's Dream

I have no idea that the young charmer and runner up on Arab Idol comes from a musical family. In the video interview you hear him talk about his father who quit the music industry years ago, only to have his dreams continued and brought to life by his own son Ziad Khoury.

Ziad just released his debut song and music video, it was pretty nice and a great start for a guy who seems like a nice guy and has no enemies Get to know him a bit and see how he talk about his work and his fans. The interviewer seems to like him and that shows as they exchange words.

I like Ziad when he talked about his family history and when his father tried to appear on a singing competition during the Lebanon's civil war. But after releasing two single, he quit the music scene and traveled to work in Saudi Arabia.

Zaid Khoury | Special Interview زياد خوري | مقابلة خاصة أبي فنان معتزل وأحقق حلمه اليوم


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