Friday, December 5, 2014

Brainy Arab Artist Supports The Beirut Marathon

Latifa of Tunis, joined May Khalil from Lebanon in support Lebanon marathon. Many Lebanese and people from other parts of the world turned out for this event. Latifa is not just a songstress, she is an activist and she has supported all Arab causes, but this is the first time she puts her weight behind a sporting event. Latifa is a pan Arab figure, I like what she has to say.

She is a proud of Tunisia, her home, but now it seems she has been a celebrity that turns out to all sorts of events. Latifa told us for the first time about her exercise and how she likes to be active. May Khalil did speak on this event and how she play a key role.

This is really nice that they are able to hold such sporting event to promote peace at this very scary time. I wish the interview gave us some statistics about the outcomes, and the number of participants. God bless Lebanon, and with it the rest of the region.    

لطيفة التونسيّة ومي الخليل : من خلال الرياضة نوصل رسالة


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