Saturday, December 6, 2014

Wael Jassar Covers A Warda Original In "Aal Eih Beysaalony"

Before pop songs, there was a Wael Jassar who wanted to do songs in the classical Arabic style, and we loved him for it. He took that a long way and has showed that he has nothing to proof, then he went the pop route and he was very successful. He did so many covers of those oldies, and for some younger folks, they know the songs as his.

take for example, his wonderful recreation of " Aal Eih Beysaalony" an original song that belongs of Warda, the late Algerian talent. He took that song to new lands, and introduced good and beautiful art to new generations. I consider myself a big fan of this Lebanese hit-maker. He is clever businessman whose big name is good in Egypt and great in Lebanon.

His rich voice can communicate happy, sad, enrgized, broken, humiliated, cheated and such. I am grateful for voices like his.
Wael Jassar - Aal Eih Beysaalony / وائل جسار - قال إيه بيسألوني

قال ايه بيسألوني - وردة


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