Monday, December 15, 2014

The Intersting History Of Legendary Egyptain Singer Mohamed Abed El Motteleb

Back at his prime, the classically trained Arabic singers in Egypt, mocked him, and some even went as far as calling him "the donkey of the radio" but the joke was on them. The name stuck around and now he is one of the most beloved and celebrated voices whose music lands in people's hearts--more people from all walks of life.

This is Mohamed Abed El Motteleb, the boy from El Giza Egypt who memorized the Muslim holy book and after listening to too many music records at the local cafes, he made it as a backup singer in Abdel Wahab band--the biggest band at that time. Then he went solo from Badee'a Massabny band, later he did a play for Egypt, and starred in a number of movies. Under his name, you will find about a thousand song.  

His first hit song was in the thirties of the 19 hundred, and he passed away on August 21, 1980. And yest most Arabs know his love songs as well as his moved iconic song, that Ramadan song.

محمد عبد المطلب - ما بيسـألش عليـا أبــداً

اسأل مرة عليا,محمد عبدالمطلب


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