Friday, December 5, 2014

Watch @AsmaLmnawar Become The Coolest Moroccan Chick In Dubai

Asma Lmnawar has a world-class talent, a voice that is to envy, and looks that leave nothing to be desired. She started doing heavy songs that fit her style and propelled her into top of the line. She teamed up with Iraqi musican Kadem Al Saher and together they did two timeless duets. Right after all the fame, she took her talent into an affluent area. Moving Eastward to Dubai from Morocco. And that has been good for her.

Like the music video you will see here, it's a cool Moroccan song that is just delightful to listen to. Hakawa looks like a music video about youth, dance and diversity. I like the beat and it presents Asma in a new light. The mixing, the mastering are just perfect. This is a stepping stone for this diva who has yet to peak--she does so many new things without losing her base in the Gulf.

I must admit that Morocco is seeing a revival in its music coming form both inside and outside that exotic land. Asma did not have to exchange her soul to be hip, once she moved to the Gulf, she hit the ground running. She is hardly the only one from Morocco to go there, but she is shaping up to be the most active name.  

Asma Lmnawar - Hakawa (Music Video) | (أسما لمنور - هاكاوا (فيديو كليب

Written,Composed and Arranged By : Jalal Elhamdaoui
Directed by : Mohamed Fekrane
Artist Manager & Producer : Yacine Lmnawar
Marketing Assistant Director : Nabil Jebbari
Reality : Post House
Edit by : Amr ElSheshtawy
Color Grading & VFX : Ahmed Elsheshtawy
Art Director : Ihab El Adly & Ahmed Elsheshtawy
D.O.P : Matyes Vertesi


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