Friday, December 19, 2014

Scandal! More Naked Dresses On CBC Star Academy By @myriamfares

It has to be a record setting season for Star Academy. This is the third performance where the artist sports a questionable wardrobe. Sure many among us secretly admire such high and transparent fashion. Haifa Started the naked and revealing dresses that left little to the imagination. Then Maya Diab refused to be upstaged so she did wear a short dress and a head cove that looked like a Hijab. Naturally people were confused.

Now enter the stage Myraim Faris who appeared on the show and she chose two dresses, both were showing more of her body in a statement. The darker dress seems to reveal her bra. I guess this might be some marketing strategy, had she not wore these outfits, about ten outlets would talk about her appearance, but with the dress about a thousand would write up stories about her performance. Now, I like the songs she performed, but I think those ladies are breaking stereotypes and changing things up. I really no longer able to tell if this is an Arab TV or a Western one, it's like we have lost out soul to be unique.

At first the show and the network apologized about the naked dresses worn by Haifa, then now they did not brother to comment on this latest assault on entertainment geared toward young should and families.     

كيفك انت ميريام فارس ومينا عطا في البرايم 15 من ستار اكاديمي 10 - Myriam & Mina

بزمتك ميريام فارس في البرايم 15 من ستار اكاديمي 10 - Myriam Fares Star Academy 10 Prime 15


  1. There is a huge difference between exposing one's bare buttocks and revealing some leg! Myriam has not done anything wrong, even if it's unfortunate that she's using her beauty to garner attention and not her voice.