Sunday, December 7, 2014

Palestinian Haitham Khalailah (Khalaili) Will Not Win Arab Idol!

I will be surprised if the young and charming contestant on Arab Idol Haitham Khalailah will go on to win the title of the third season of Arab Idol. Keep on mind, the second season was won fairly and squarely by none other than Mohammed Assaf who shattered records and packed so many venues around the world.

Now, Haitham Khalailah will always be compared to Assaf, they have different strengths, and interests. Haitham Khalailah, 24, from the historic Palestinian  village of Majd al-Krum was chosen to represent Palestine in the contest, one of the most widely watched programs in the Middle East. Each Saturday night Haitham Khalailah receives praises from the judges for his performance. They all agreed about his talent and advanced him to the next stage without reservations. Haitham continues to gain followers in the Arab world.

. His continuation on the program is based on his talent, charm and calculations from the MBC and advertiser. Haithm is great for rating, he brings the attention of the press, activism and a global diaspora of Palestinians and friends. Haitham faces off against, a Saudi contestant and a Syrian one. They are formidable candidates and both have marketing and talents.

If I had to call if, I think the Saudi would have a big chance since the network is owned by Saudis and it's a big business to advertise to this market. Past winners from that part of the world has not survived and have not manged to do anything in the years after the program ended. Plus Saudis are funny about music, so he may not be able to do many public events within the Kingdom.

Syrians have the talent and the stories to back their stardom, but the country is divided and most of its people are broke around the Middle East now. Plus, the contestant may have to answer political questions and tests.  

I would love it if Haitham wins, he is pretty entertaining and he comes form a community that feels to have been ripped away form the greater Arab community. Haitham chose to be a Palestinian since he has an Israeli citizenship and upon his return to his village, you can rest assured the Israelis will harass the hell out of him and investigate him. Haitham is already a star, he does not need the title to sell concerts to the Palestinian community at large. If you want to know how popular he is, just look at the official view count on Arab Idol YouTube channel, his videos get the more hits

Arab Idol - الحلقات المباشرة - هيثم خلايلي- فلكلور فلسطيني

Arab Idol - الحلقات المباشرة - هيثم خلايلي- أجمل نساء الدنيا

Arab Idol - هيثم خلايلي وحازم شريف - عم بحلمك - الحلقات المباشرة


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