Thursday, December 25, 2014

New Music Video By @marwanasr Asks Us Not To Kill Those Who Cheat On You

That's a sobering message, if someone cheats on you do not kill this should go without saying. But in some parts of the world, some think murder in those cases is justified. At some instants the law even can explain such crimes....crime of passion/honor...etc. It's a bunch of men making laws to shield themselves from doing stupid things.

In the process someone loses their lives so the ego of the man remains intact. This might not be a song to my taste, but I love the message Marwa Nasr is spreading, do not kill them, let your abandonment do that. Too bad, the song's message got muddled with accusations of Marwa wearing a head cover that looked like the religious veil. She denies those charges. I like the filming style and the coloring, it's something different and it feels creative.

Marwa's album landed well and it offered a verity of songs mostly happy, funny or dark. This is the grim one. Heartache sucks, but people should not lose their lives for silly mistakes.

Marwa Nasr - Mosh Nadmana (Music Video) | (مروة نصر - مش ندمانة (فيديو كليب

From "Ahsan Halaty" Album
Lyrics by Gamal El Khouly - كلمات: جمال الخولي
Composed by Sherif Badr - ألحان: شريف بدر
Arrangement by Ahmed Abdel Salam - توزيع: أحمد عبد السلام
Mix by Mostafa Raouf - ميكس: مصطفي رؤوف
Digital Master by Khaled Raouf - ديجيتال ماستر: خالد رؤوف
Post Production by Reality
Edit by Amr El Sheshtawy
Color Grading by Ahmed El Sheshtawy
Photographed by Jakob Lambaz (Fawda)
Web/Social Media Management by Ultimade®
Directed by Jakob Lambaz
Distributed by EWE / توزيع شركة إي دبليو إي
Produced by MR / انتاج شركة ميوزك ريكورد


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