Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lebanese Yara Chases The Gulf Money! She Was GREAT

Yara started off his career in 2005 promising something different, focus on good music and lyrics, she also made a point of puking fun of the fashion show singers. Then four years later, she made her career about money and making it. Of course, she went to the Gulf, released a beautifully created album in the local dialect. Then she got to judge some singing show for the people of the Gulf, and thee wedding concerts came.

In very short years, she has released nothing exciting for her broad audience, and she seems to only sing for the Gulf now. It's not selling out, because this is her job....but disappointing it's indeed. Yara is making a new song and a music video as well. She still has the voice, we all love, the warm persona and the conservative dressed songstress. But she is not making music for her early fans--maybe that thee fans are not paying the bills for the fancy lifestyle Yara enjoys.      

Update, when I wrote this, she had not yet released her Lebanese pop album, she really made a great album in every sense that showed us she still has it. You just do not get sick of the album. It's lyrcis, music and production keep it interesting and upbeat.

Yara - Making Of يارا في تصوير كليب أجيك و لا تجيني مع المخرج فادي حداد

مشهد حصري من كليب يارا لأغنية "أجيك"


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