Thursday, November 1, 2012

Amr Diab And Family Relocate To London

Amr Diab does not talk to the press, and he conducts his business in a very serious fashion. But news broke out about this iconic Egyptian singer moving to Dubai with his family  Now we learn he has moved to London to live there with his kids who have enrolled in school in that city. I have read this report on a number of news sites. It's a fact that the pop star has been living in Dubai for the past few months with his family.

For starter, the move to London could be a rumor, so Amr Diab gets attacked and then he comes out telling everyone in Egypt, "I would never leave this country, it's like my mother" Which will make his critics look bad and making himself look like patriot in those troubled times.

In case those news are true, Amr Diab will always be the king of pop, but he does not have to have a good name to do that. It seems his business plans and his trouble with some of Egypt's finest composers and lyrics over his contracts is not ending anytime soon. He has won the battle and for this reason he might want to stay way from the spotlight, he is by virtue of partnership now working for the loon Rupert Murdoch now.

If this is true, such actions are slap on the face of the Egyptian talents business and music labels that have helped Amr Diab and carried him during his 30 year career.  It seems Amr Diab is no longer interested in helping the music scene in Egypt thrive, his focus seems to be away from his motherland.

Amr Diab - Habibi ya nour el ain


  1. The part of this music video right when the initial drumming ends and he turns around dramatically. Love it.