Thursday, November 1, 2012

Celebrities Are Now Hanging Out On Google Hangout

Arab celebrities are embracing Google Hangout, where they will be both on radio--old media, and on Google hangout--new media to talk to their fans. The fans can talk about too. This is kinda of cool and a lot of people are looking forward to using this technology to connect with their favorite star.

Too bad, most people who are spending a great time online are people with little social skills and nothing to do in their real life. The virtual world is much kinder to those poor souls. But this time, they get one hip star who actually can speak about other matters other than music, and he is Mahmoud El Esseily.  Amal Maher who does not give the press enough time, will give you the fan some time to hangout with her in the virtual world.

This Hagnout technology might be pretty cool, and Google is up to something good with it, the US president has already used it to spend time with his fans online. The first Arab celebrity to do a hangout session was the Lebanese songstress Myriam Faris.

Nagham Hangout Amal Maher Promo

   Esseily - Nagham FM Hangout Promo


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