Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vintage Libyan Song By Mohamed Rasheed

There was once a vivid music scene in Libya, in fairness just like desert dwelling communities, music has always played a part of the folklore. Libya is no different. One of the pioneer in the Libyan music is the gentleman with the name Mohamed Rasheed.

I have tried to dig up info on this singer, but I have failed. I have included one of his most famous songs. Most Arabs would call this song part of Al Fan Al Seel which means authentic art. In the post Qaddafi world, more people are reconnecting with their heritage--the dictator did not like to make celebrities and hated to have any rivals in any field.

"The heart doesn't/won't forget you" is the title of the song. I suspect the song is form the 60s?

تراث ليبي .. محمد رشيد .. القلب ما ينساكم


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