Friday, November 2, 2012

Music Brings Life Back To The Dead Sea

The dead sea is a tourist attraction in Palestine and Jordan. The Jordanian side has hotels, and a lot of fancy restaurants people like to visit on this sea. The latest attraction is music....The Nights Of The Dead Sea music festival was organized on the Jordanian side. The Minister of Tourism sponsored the event and tok charge of booking the talents and marketing the music event on the beach.

Music breaths life into the Dead Sea bring him back to life. Local singers were invited to bring their acts to the festival. Pop and romance star Tony Qattan seemed to have the biggest night there. Other stars who were invited to perform include, Makady Nahas, Ziad Saah both of whom brought their A games and performed songs cherished by the locals. Many national and patriotic songs were also included in the acts of many of the Jordanian performers.

 مقطع من حفل طوني قطان في ليالي البحر الميت 29-10-2012


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