Friday, November 2, 2012

Prophet Mohammed And Rock And Roll

Prophet Mohammed has been turned into a football where his fans want to see his name, and his memory protected, and his foes want to tarnish his memory and ridicule him. But the reality, most want to see a middle path. They want to protect freedom of speech and prevent incitement. Ramy Essam sits somewhere in the middle. He has fought for his freedom of speech and been briefly jailed for it.

This is way I thought it was extra special when Egypt's best known rocker joins the ranks by releasing a song to preserve the man's memory and teach few nuggets form his history. Egypt also has few lines in the song which is mainly about the accomplishments and teachings of the Prophet. It also included lines about Christians Mary, Moses, Joseph and Jesus.

This is a rock version of a religion sermon, Ramy Essam manged to introduce rock and roll into the lives of many people who would not have enjoyed it otherwise. The song comes with a message of love, I do not see people protesting the song.

Rock and Roll had seen great moments as protest music against wars, violence and all about love--all kinds of love. So Ramy is doing the same thing to Rock and Roll thing in Egypt. Whatever tool that promotes harmony and getting along I am all for.    

اغنية رامى عصام سيدنا النبى


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