Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Biggest Arab Idol Mohammed Assaf Retruns With A Big Bang!

I do not know if any Arab Idol would be as big of a deal as Assaf is, he was the guy who won everything and made Arab Idol in the global news all at once- everyone was talking about him. The album will have 11 tracks and I like what I am seeing.

Now he is ready for primetime again with the release of his upcoming album. We know it will have some big names attached and the timing is near. Assaf is going to sell his album like hotcakes, his loyal fans will buy the album around the world and propel it to Top one spot--you watch. This is an album people want to own, and it will stick around and sell.

The album's promo is very romantic and dreamy all at once. Assaf is spreading cheers, flowers and love is in the air. This is his debut and he knows it means good things and so does the companies that do business with him.

today the songs form the album can be downloaded via iTunes. But there are games, social media loves them...Assaf and Platinum Records put up a challenge asking fans to put the album songs in order to win a two night stay in Dubai.

The album promo is about Assaf, the artist and the celebrity, the songs are not even the attraction. but his smile, his hair and himself is what will make the album is a hit and a best-seller. Now, this is a fresh way of doing business and Assaf is a good entertainer and savvy businessman.