Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Return of The Egyptian Hunk Mohamed Nour (Video) "Helwa el Ayam "

Mohammad Nour, the Egyptain hunk freed a music video for one of his popular hit songs from his latest album. Mazzika addeded it to this video library as they produced it. This release serves the second music video from the album.

Filmed on a yacht in Lebanon pier, it filmed in under day. The album itself was released toward the tail end of 2013 and it featured 10 tracks. Nour is a dreamy voice who makes pop music look good--he is one of the better looking male stars and he is well-built. I like the feel and atmosphere of the song, it allows people to catch a break and fantasies about the vacation or love they think they deserve. The clip is not too crowded, as you only see the singer and the lady and not too much distraction.

That being said, the soon the song starts, it finishes. It looks like we will be seeing a sequel.

Lyrics: Mohamed Mostafa Malek
Music Composition: Ahmed Yosef

Helwa el Ayam - Mohamed Nour حلوة الايام - محمد نور


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