Monday, October 13, 2014

The Eye-Candy Lebanese Wedding Singer

He owns a posh club, he works with a music label, releases a new album every two years, a celebrity among his peers. He likes to have a good time, and he can also be booked for wedding and happy occasions. Call him Joe Ashkar. Joe and his wife are a celebrity couple with their kids and are often social animals in Beirut. Now, he gives yet another interview talking about his latest.

See him hold a dinner with his friends overlooking the city that almost never sleeps. He is all charms, and well-wishes. By the way he sings about the homeland too, he happens to be one of the entertainers who work right, and follow the Western model. He likes the music industry, it's not just a job. See him sing for his friends.

I like the bit when he talked about a reality, sometimes people shout at one another or do not get along when they party at night. He says, no fist fights or at least he thinks.

Joe Ashkar - جو أشقر هذا ما حصل مع نيشان


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