Saturday, October 4, 2014

Egypt's Sex Symbol Is Everywhere And She is Armenian Sofinar (صوفينار) @DancerSofinar

Sofinar is her name and shaking her belly is her game. This Eid holiday season she will be dancing her way to the bank as she stars in an Egyptian movie that seems like a lemon. But it won't matter, Sofinar and the movie will make so much money as she is dancing well throughout the movies, but this time she gets few speaking lines.

Egypt is a land of opportunity for dancers--they always welcome them with open arms...but when it comes to creative ones in science or medicine--they ship them away. Sofinar came from Armenia to dance, and she now leads the box office--I am sure the local dancers are envious of her fortune. See her sing too in the promo song clip from the movie. Shit indeed happens, but not to worry there is enough dancers in Egypt to go around.

I think the sad news broke this summer when Sofinar allegedly married an Egyptian guy, all these dudes were mourning in public. But she is still the same talented dancer accessible to the public she ever was. She deserves credit for winning.

اغنية يا واد انت يا اجنبي / دوايتو صوفينار " الليثي / فيلم عمر وسلوي / عيد الاضحي ٢٠١٤