Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Aaed El Monshed, Iraqi Singer Who Wants To Make Iraqi Music Hot Again

Aaed El Monshed is an Iraqi singer who has performed in the Egyptian House of Opera--the big league for many Arab stars. He is out with a new song, in Iraqi and it feels like an oldie only more hip. This song marks his return to making new music. The song is about the wedding of the lady he loved--he is helpless and he is not the groom.

Aaed was kept away form the music scene due to death in his family and disagreement with a production company.  The Iraqi artist is working overtime to make the Iraqi song hot again in Cairo. He is an old style singer and his voice allows him to do old covers for the likes of Farid Al Atrach and Nazim Al Ghazzaly. Aaed is not to happy with the neglect of Iraqi songs.

Farah Mahbobey - Aaed El Monshed فرح محبوبى - عائد المنشد


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