Wednesday, October 8, 2014

WATCH: Assaf First Hit! #عساف - لوين بروح - قريباً | La Wayn Brouh promo

The debut album for everyone's favorite Arab Idol is about to get a release date, it will feature eleven songs--even an Iraqi and a Palestinian songs. But romance is in theme Assaf will bring out in this album. Let's see his collaboration with household names like Fares Iskander and Ziad Bourji. I feel this will be a big deal.

The promo for his new song shows a darker side--the shade of romance and life that we would rather not think about. The song's title asks the million dollar question "where are we headed to?" a rhetorical question perhaps but it will make you think about you, your family, your community and the entire Arab world.

There is a big backing for this artist for good measures, he has already become a global star thanks to constant media coverage and a huge social media profile. Now the Burdon on the artist to take that and make it into something lasting and not just a bubble. Form one Palestinian to another, make your millions of fans proud.

#عساف - لوين بروح - قريباً | La Wayn Brouh promo


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