Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Download: Mohammed Assaf Record-Breaking 2014 Album البوم محمد عساف - عساف

the album is out, Yes, the one many of you have been waiting for is now out for download. So join the party and let the biggest Arab Idol entertain you with his all new songs. Mohamed Assaf first album is earth shattering and the excitement and the buzz can be heard around the world. Assaf is set to appear back on Arab Idol where he will perform, and spend time with the contestant and give them some of his advise.

Within just few hours, the album has conquered the top spot in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan and Lebanon. I cannot wait to see how well is will do in the States and foreign countries. The album will sell and it will also get downloads, I know the global fan base is getting ready for the album--I am calling it the biggest pop album of the century. We love pop stars, we do, but Assaf is not just one he is a phenomena that happens to make music. His charm, and energy combine that his concerts all over the world--he did travel the world. Enjoy and let's give Assaf a chance to be creative.

The album will have songs in Lebanese, Egyptian, Iraqi and Palestinian and a special song for the city of Jerusalem.

01 - Aywa Haghani
02 - Taah Neaad
03 - Jraah
04 - Shou Betkhabrouna
05 - Assaf 360
06 - Fely Bala Ma Tehki
07 - La Wayn Brouh
08 - Mtfareen
09 - Motamasek Biki
10 - Min Alshabah Byekhlaa 3rbeen
11 - Ward Al Assayel
12 - Ya Bnaya
13 - Ya Halali Ya Mali

Download The entire album Here


Download The entire album Here


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