Friday, October 10, 2014

Make Some Noise For EhabTawfeek's New 2014 Single Hayefdal "Mesaytar"

I do miss him Ehab Tawfeek, the pop star I grew up wanting to be him--while some did not love him, I did. So, you begin to understand when I read about his new comeback album with Mazzika--a company that has worked with him for the past 25 years.

The song is below, the music video is planned to start shooting in France. It's too early to let you know what I think about this song, but it feels it needs stitching. Something is missing, I think the music is all over the place or perhaps the production is not up to speed.

I do like the title, I think it's catchy, let's hope the song sticks around and helps bring back these fond memoirs of Ehab to a new audience.

Hayefdal Mesaytar - EhabTawfeek هيفضل مسيطر - ايهاب توفيق


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