Friday, October 10, 2014

Old Saudi Man Loves (and Stalks) Young Egyptian Girl

This clip is not age appropriate, old men tent to like younger women this is a fact that no one likes to admit. But men in the Gulf and Saudi Arabic likes them specially young. I think the world of Saudi music legend Mohammad Abdo, he is a man of musical talent. But I wish someone had advised me about brining a love interest that's really younger than his grandkids.

Here's the sad news, he was born in 1949 which makes him 65 years of age. Carmen Soliman was born in 1994, which makes her 20 years of age. That's 45 years apart. What makes the song worse, the lyrics where Abdo says, I know you want me and I want you....really? This is a legendary singer that this clips turns him into a child molester.  He is not the obsessed fan this clip makes him out to be. I have no clue why Abdo would accept such idea.

Then he would stalking her around as she performs.....he likes to be a man of mystery....chasing this young woman, looking creepy to me at least. But this is not about Abdo's personal choices and life, this is about art. I thought this would be a duet, in some way we do get two singers, but only one of them sings while the other is on mute.

Plus Carmen did not get to say a word, or sing, or do anything, just look good and it was sad to hear sing, but not hear her. On the bright side, they song was filmed in Georgia, a good location and a wonderful job putting it all together. The Georgia live orchestra was a neat added value. Love both artists, I just think they both made a bone heded move.

Mohammad Abdo ... Teri Ma3i - Video Clip | محمد عبده ... طيري معي - فيديو كليب


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