Monday, October 27, 2014

Tamer Ashour New Album And New Romance

Tamer Ashour new album is scheduled to release in two days. Here's the second song from his upcoming album. The first song was happy and love is in the air, this was is a bit darker. It's the love blues, when you sacrifice to make something work, but it ends up not working out at all.

Guys like these type of songs. I happen to like the music, but I know this has always been Tamer Ashour's favorite style--the darker shade of love. He feels comfortable there. He seems to make the upbeat tracks for the live concerts and weddings.

I like the new makeover where the young Egyptian musician is all hip and energy. I am also happy to see him work with a home based production company. Rotana did not do well by him.

Giet Ala karamty - Full Track - Tamer Ashour جيت على كرامتى - تامر عاشور


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