Friday, October 17, 2014

The Beautiful Comeback For ZeeZee Adel (Video)

She is one of the original Star Academy alums, Zee Zee Adel, does have the coolest Arabic pop name, and in 2009 she did release a stunning album where she was compared once to Shakira and another to Beyoncé. Few years later, she is still the same talented ZeeZee, this time she graces us with a new single.

I love her new single largely because I like her special voice and her style in performing songs. ZeeZee is full of grace and gratitude in her latest. the song is about how she is indebted to her man. She declares that she is loyal for life to this gentleman. She is promising the sweetest things to her man. Sure, this can be a lot of things, but the fashion show gives us a glimpse of ZeeZee many faces and styles.

In love she found strength is how the song goes. I am impressed how she was able to make a music video at this hour. For this song, she turned up the sweet romance and it seems to have worked for her. I am calling this a winning comeback for a star I appreciated five years ago, and still find her to be relevant years later. I feel I need to thank Mazzika for brining her out at this sluggish music market.

Simple concepts win me over, you only see about four people in the entire music video, the focus is on ZeeZee who seems to be delivering what feels like a personal song about not forgetting those who give one a hand when others are running in the opposite direction. This is a simple value girl song, a woman who won't let an act of kindness go unnoticed. The team behind the song and the music video did a wonderful job.

Shaylahalak - ZeeZee Adel شايلاهالك - زيزى عادل


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