Thursday, October 30, 2014

This Jerusalemite Says "Mashi" For The Sweet Revenge @muradswaity

The charming Palestinian pop artist Murad Swaity released a new track  "Mashi" The song has been mastered and mixed by none but Tony Haddad--the producer with the golden touch. It's a revenge song, a thug of war song when lovers break apart and things are sour. Murad is upbeat as he goes to war on his ex in this catchy single.

Murad Swaity shot to fame in 2008 when he made waves by appearing on a singing completion program (Super Star). This is a Lebanese/Palestinian/Jordanian/Syrian song that will air on radios in those countries. The collaboration behind this song is fresh to Murad who got to work with renounced composer Fadel Suliman (Nassif Zaytoun, Melhim Zain, Marwan El Shami) with many hits.

Now, this is not angry song with so much rage, but a calculated rage in moderation. It's still not too dark, but Murad promises to bring tears to his ex lover's eyes

The son of Jerusalem has traveled far. This time, we are all looking toward the holy city as extremists of the Jewish faith terrorist a people and hold them back from praying.

Murad Swaity - Mashi (Audio) / مراد السويطي - ماشي


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