Thursday, October 30, 2014

Raji Stars In The Dream Boat Guy Love Song

Rajia is calling this song his comeback. He did take a sabbatical, but this is the song that brought him back and it's the lyrics of Nizar Francis and the music of Adil Al Iraqi and production by the well-known Tony Saba.

the Lebanese pop artist's new song is about hug me closely. The music video follows the single release, and it's heavy on the beach, beach and the moon. There's so much love in the air, and this song is almost too dreamy to be true. no, the song is not meant for me, but I know some will find it heart warming.

This is an all Lebanese romance song, lots of promises are made. Not sure why they had to have that bikini shot, it's trying too hard, I think. Sexing things up is a sure way to sell out, but does it earn one a legacy? I do not know

Raji - Ghmourni Aktar | راجي - غمورني أكتر


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