Saturday, October 25, 2014

Elissa's Most Confusing Song EVER! And I Like It

This is one of Elissa's hits from hr July album. As far as a love song, this song is pretty on the money. A breakup song, where a woman gives another women advise, but she does not stop there. She tells her she knows the advise is not easy...easier said than done.

It's a conflicting song about the complexity of love, you love them and hate them both at the same time. You love the idea of them, but hate the idea of leaving them. It's the definition of bittersweet. I do like it a lot and relate to it, but some people who have never had a serious relationship may be confused by it's confusing advise.

The Halet Hob album was decent, all safe choices and stuff that feels you have heard before from Elissa, which is not terrible. People get burned in love, and this song is honest about the trials of romance and grownup world.
Elissa … Bataly Tehebeeh | اليسا … بطلي تحبيه


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