Sunday, October 5, 2014

Listen: The Sweetest Arabic Song About Long-Distance Relationships

Soad Mohammad had so many wonderful songs in her run as a first rate entertainer. Her hits extend to years and reach beyond generations. But one of her most beloved songs is Wahshtny....I miss you. It's a groovy song that manged to stand at a crossroad between hat's classical Arabic music and what's upbeat and popular. That song have all the right musical elements.

As for Soad's voice, it's that strong and sweet feminine voice where she is singing in private and she has no idea that somebody is watching. This is how I understand her voice, she gives all her best as if she is singing somewhere private, but she does this in front of thousands and it does not seem to make a difference to her, it's all good music.

I came to know it, thanks to a brilliant cover by Egyptian pop star Khalid Agag, who gave the song new legs, and people like me discovered it. Both the original performance and cover come from the gut, they vary in emotions and vocal showcase. You really feel like you are living in this song thanks to the smooth performance of Soad. Soad Mohammas is an Egyptian Lebanese songstress whose career was launched in the city of Damascus.

Khaled is well-equipped to do a lively cover of this classic, he stayed loyal to the song. Among the other songs for Soad are her work on the history of Islam movie where she has performed half a dozen celebrated songs. She also starred in a movie about Palestine years ago.

Khaled Agag " Wa7ashtany " / " خالد عجاج " وحشتنى

وحشتنى سعاد محمد


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