Thursday, October 9, 2014

Nina Abdelmalak Wows Me In Her Debut Music Video

Fresh from her Star Academy fame, Lebanese pop darling Nina returns with some fireworks on the beach. That sweet summer romance that lives in memory and sends you on a self-exploration journey. Nince found that one song that speaks to a different generation other than the one follows her on the social media. I guess the clip is for those young ones, but the song is really for everyone.

This is a good song that brings older folks to get to take a closer look at Nine and what talent she has to offer. Filmed in the Lebanese city of Sur, it took them three days to wrap up this project. This is a good song meant for the grownups by someone who still have a lot of growing to do.

The team that worked on the song deserves recognition for their success here.

Lyrics, Music : Mahdi Ezzeddine Arrangement : Anas Kareem Mix & Mastering: Moayad Al Atrash The Song Produced by : Publitools The Clip Produced by : Yasour Directed By Abdallah Chalaan

Random question, why did that handsome devil with her had to smoke? Don't we have enough smokers in the area already?

كليب عم دور ع حالي - نينا عبد الملك / Nina Abdelmalak - Clip 3am Dawer 3a 7aly


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