Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Egyptian Army Too Busy Making Songs About Itself (Video)

Boshra finds it the right time to sing for the Egyptian army and endocrine the little ones about how awesome the army is--the army in Egypt is busy backing bread and protecting concerts. Boshra sings for them now and she has a lot of help from lots of little ones whose future remains uncertain.

I guess, I do not see this to be the same army that one the 1973 war--this is the same army that murdered thousands in Rabaa and elsewhere. This is yet another chapter in the hyper nationalist Egypt is experiencing now. We all love Egypt--even if the people who are running shit on us. This is the message. Boshra can go back and stay in her villa and get her special treatment while millions sink in the sea as they try to get out of her beloved Egypt.

The low point is when she sings about the army now allowing terrorists to live in the Sinai--yeah? Them and what army? The army she sings for, cannot get the weapons they need into Egypt, unless Israel allows them to. The good news, this song has been produced by the army for the army, for everyone in Egypt, hop on the next boat out of it.

Elgesh Elmasry - Boshra الجيش المصرى - بشرى


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