Monday, October 27, 2014

Egyptian Diva Sherine Setenced To Six Months In Prison @sherineawahab

She is a hothead, everyone who knows her knows that. She also says crazy stuff all the time and live on TV. Now Sherine's temper has got her in legal trouble in Egypt. A court sentenced her to six months in prion after she has been convicted of assault and defamation. She is also sentenced to pay five hundred Egyptian pounds. This report is according to Al-Ahram Newspaper.

Her neighbor actor Sherif Mounir complained to her about her throwing trash, granite stone and water toward his villa back in May. Sherine responded by telling him a bunch of things none of them is nice. Sherine responded that she would go upstairs and break his leg.  The exchange took place on What's App, Mounir shared pictures of the exchange and used that as evidence in a court of law. Now, they have another hearing on the 18th of October

Mounir refuses to settle out of court with Sherine and he wants to see this through. a number of mutual friends tried to work it out, but that never took off. I doubt Sherine will be serving time anytime soon. To the best of my knowledge Sherine has not publicly commented on this altercation.  
شيرين - كُلي ملكك (كليب) / Sherine - Kolly Melkak Video


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