Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Ahlam Doesn't Deserve To Be Honored" Says Hilmi Baker @Ahlam_Alshamsi

Hilmi Baker, the teddy bear music composer and personality is not too pleased with the city of Alexandria honoring the UAE based songstress Ahlam. The Alexandria Song Festival bestowed the provocative diva with an award. Ahlam needed this since that no one in the media seems to like her after her repeated insults to journalist and journalisms.

Baker does not think she has accomplished anything to be recognized for. Then he dubbed the entire festival as a "paycheck" and "money grubbing venture that has little to do with the arts." Hilmi Baker tends to be a hothead and he has a lot of opinions, but this once he has a point. Ahlam did have a good run, but since 2000, do you know any of her songs? We only know about her bling bling and that she likes KFC chicken.

All that aside, Ahlam is a trailer blazer for many young female artists in a very conservative yet open country like the UAE. She started to sing despite many reservations....and she seems to have her family together. Ahlam is pleased with the honor and has been talking about it on her social media for sometime.

I would advise Ahlam to go do some humanitarian work, go to the Syrian camps, visit Gaza, this way people would see a side of you that has yet to be put under the spotlight.

Soula 3 With Ahlam - Ahmed Farhat Part 1



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