Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Download Amr Diab Full 2011 Album Samples

They call him many thing, one of those names is King, that's Amr Diab, the survival of Arabic pop, the man who has only gotten better and bigger in fame since the 80s. No other star can claim such honor. Sure his movies weren't that good, but his music we all agree on....it's second to none.

He is the guy that makes good choices, and works with the best in the business. He does not talk to media and engage himself in media wars, but he works in his craft. Last year he released a one track album with different mixes. This time, it look like he is back to business with his 12 track album to be released late September 2011.

The promo is out, most of these songs are new, few of them have been performed in his live concretes as a treat to the fans. This is a safe Amr Diab zone, he is promising a busy year and he is coming to America this month for concerts around the States and Canada. From what I hear the album is good. the question is this, will it have anything Amr Diab has not done before?

Here is the link

01.Aghla Min Omry
02.Alomak Leeh
03.Banadeek Taala
04.Tagreba W3addit
05.Aarif Habibi
06.Maadarsh Ana
07.Maly Einya
08.Maak Barta7
09.Halla Halla
10.Heya Hayati
11.Ya Reet Sinnik
12.Youm Mat2abilna

Amr Diab Full Album Samples - عمرو دياب - سيمبلات 2011 بناديك تعالى