Friday, October 31, 2014

The Verstile Alaa Wardi Invades Turkey @AlaaWardi @tarkan

The internet boy, the first viral video guy in the Middle East strikes again with a new acoustic song. Alaa Wardi sang in Arabic at first, then English, Hindi followed suit and now he goes for Turkish. Wardi is doing a cover for a Turkish hit by the prince of pop Tarkan.

It's a typical Wardi fashion, all sounds made by voice, mouth and body only! Of course they were all processed to reach their best quality, but no musical instruments were used. Some company need to sign Alaa Wardi and start making money off his talent. It's all in the marketing. Alaa is a celebrity and has traveled around the world doing a number of concerts and engagements.

I love his cover, but what surprises him his vocal performance and his command of the Turkish language. It flows well, and sounds authentic with a lot of passion.

His choice is Şıkıdım, check it out...I hope Tarkan finds this video helpful in spreading his good name. Alaa is branching out from Arabia into new territories--which is clever as the internet knows no boundaries.

Tarkan - Şıkıdım (Cover by Alaa Wardi)


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