Friday, October 10, 2014

Houda Saad Keeps Making Moroccan Music Better @Hoditactic

She is a rock star who has some so much to make her country's songs hip and mainstream in every Arab home. Houda Saad is on a mission and that has been clear to me fir the past five years, but more so in the last three where everything she has released was in Moroccan and it was really really good dance track. And if that's not enough, Houda wrote the lyrics and the music for these songs making her a one woman team that has what it takes to make a hit from A to Z.

"Omri Ma Nensa" is a happy romance that manages to excites the listener and provoke him or her emotion ally. Houda continues to work under the Rotana label and she does her songs on a show string. She does call Geneva, Switzerland her second home. I was aware she studied music there.

As the title suggests, you do not easily forget things you like, just like the artist who recorded this song, she will live on our collective memory....the thing about good Moroccan music is that one cannot decode it....Houda is doing just that, making Morocco a go to dialect for songs that makes sense.

HOUDA SAAD _Omri Ma Nensa هدى سعد_عمري ما ننسى | Officiel Music Vidéo HD


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