Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Enchanting Soprano Tania Kassis Speaks! @taniakassis

We find various celebrities stressing on the importance of peace and how they want to make the world a better to live in. Tania Kasis is promoting peace and tolerance by bringing together ethnic, lingual and religious traditions. She recently toured Australia and won hearts of many a millions with her melodious and enchanting voice and lively performances in front of huge audiences.

We had a chance to talk with her about different aspects of life and some of her experiences of her life. She was kind enough to spare quite precious time of hers and answer our questions. To find out what she says about herself continue reading her interview!

What is the toughest audience you have performed for?

The toughest was the North Korean audience because I was asked to perform their National Anthem (in Korean of course!) for the opening of a big Baseball Game! You can imagine how worried I was, not to make any mistake in front of thousands of people present at the Stadium and watching me on TVs, as I don’t speak Korean at all!!

Who would be the one singer or band with whom you wish to perform?
There are many artists I’d love to perform with as I love sharing songs! Duets are great experiences and my spontaneous first answer would be Josh Groban! But I’d also love to perform with Andrea Boccelli, U2, Elton John, Barbra Streisand, Kazem el Saher….

WATANI - Tania Kassis live from the Sydney Opera House

Full Interview on this link


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