Thursday, October 2, 2014

Waleed Al Shami Continues To Make Iraqi Music Awesome @Waleed_fans

The fresh prince of Iraqi pop is all smiles as she prepares for the soon release of his latest album. Waleed Shami who is an Iraqi musician to begin with took singing a while back and he keeps making Iraqi music better, and now I am convinced he is making it look good too.

Waleed who resides in Dubai sports a new look and there are tons of babes for his music video....I am thinking the filming took place in some non-Arabic speaking distant land. I am loving the bowtie and the dancers and whatever jumps at me from the screen. Now we have to wait for his upcoming album to see what other neat things he prepared for us.

The song has a sick beat, and it actually relaxes you and pumps you at the same time--it changes as with your mood. This is sort of a cool affect to have. Back to the bike, I think it's refreshing to see a singer riding a bike as he sings. There's a story to this song and it seems Waleed has found the one true love.

That Iraqi dialect is so hip right now and we crave it more and more, thanks to the many Iraqi talents, it's doing well and it has become a song of choice for many A listers. Unlike the Gulf song that has to constantly bribe people to sing in it. Also Waleed is one of the folks who are actually making it cool as he writes many compositions. He did compose the music for this track.

Waleed Al Shami ... Ahebah Kolesh - Video Clip | وليد الشامي ... أحبه كلش - فيديو كليب


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